Tawona Chimimba

/ta-wo-na chi-mim-ba/

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What lead me into design?
I am a product designer currently based in Copenhagen. I was born in Malawi, Africa but raised in New York.

I fell in love with art and typography when I was younger. It's the reason I chose to pursue graphic design at Drexel University. After a couple of years working as a visual designer I wanted to learn more about how design can evolve within the digital world. I wanted to learn more about validating my design work with research and solving complex problems for people through design.

I learned a lot of the processes and theories of UX and product design through General Assembly's UX immersive course. As well as reading blogs, books, and connecting with other designers. I applied my learnings to my first job as a UX designer at Vertic in April of 2018.
Latest interests

- American Marriage
- 21 Lessons for the 21st Century


How to cook all of my favorite Italian food


Korean Dramas

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